Lodge installation principal guests

2018/2019 Season

The following is a PROVISIONAL indication of Installation Attendees for the 2018/2019 season. Secretaries are reminded not to make contact with the indicated person until receipt of confirmation from the Provincial Office.

 17 October 2018 FestivalRt W Bro J. Anthony Harrison, Pr.G.M. + DJWSWB
13 October 2018 Sincerity W Bro I. W. Greenwood PJGDGWS
05 November 2018 GuildW Bro D. J. Winder, PSGD, Asst PrGM SWB
14 November 2018 Fraternity Rt W Bro J. Anthony Harrison, Pr.G.M. + DJWSWB
 26 November 2018 RibbletonW Bro I. W. Greenwood, PJGDGWS
 07 December 2018 EndeavourW Bro J. D. Ogden, PAGDC, Asst PrGM.SWB
13 December 2018Royal Preston W Bro D. J. Winder, PSGD, Asst PrGMSWB
14 December 2018HalcyonW Bro D. J. Parkinson, PSGD, Asst PrGMSWB
07 January 2019UnanimityW. Bro D. Grainger, PSGD, Asst PrGMSWB
14 January 2019Peace and UnityW Bro D. Randerson, PAGDC, Asst PrGMGWS
17 January 2019ConcordW Bro J. S. Seddon, PAGDC, Asst PrGM SWB
30 January 2019SetantiaW Bro K. P. Poynton, PSGD, Asst PrGM SWB
06 March 2019JubileeW. Bro D. J. Walmsley, PSGD, Asst PrGM GWS
16 March 2019Good Fellowship W Bro F. Umbers, PAGDC, Asst PrGMSWB
17 April 2019RibbleW Bro J. Karran, PrSGWSWB
09 May 2019Ingol St Margaret VW Bro Philip H. Gunning, PGSwdB, D.Pr.G.M. + DJWGWS