Endeavour test their new master

Following the installation meeting of Lodge of Endeavour No 7036, the new master David Grimes was tested with a third degree ceremony. Fellow craft Peter Abbott was raised to the degree of a master Mason in a delightful ceremony led by David.

Peter Abbott (left) being congratulated by David Grime.

David welcomed everyone before opening the lodge for the first time as the WM. Following the administrative business, the lodge was opened in the second degree. Peter was asked the usual questions by Brian Phillips, after which Peter retired to be prepared for the ceremony.

The lodge was raised to the third degree before Peter was readmitted and the next part of the ceremony was carried out by David. He was then assisted by Mike Walkden and other members of the lodge who shared the work of the continuing ritual as Peter was raised to the rank of master Mason.

During the ceremony, he was guided around the lodge by Carl Walkden.  Ron Docherty presented Peter with his master Mason’s apron as well as giving an address and explanation of its significance. A full presentation of the traditional history was given by Jim Bennett, Phil Daniels and Daniel Howe. The working tools were presented by Ron Docherty. Peter was then presented with a copy of the lodge ritual and a copy of the master Mason’s development pack.

Before closing the lodge, David concluded the proceedings by thanking and congratulating all who had taken part in a superb ceremony. He commented on the friendly and happy atmosphere throughout and wished Peter all the best as he continued his Masonic journey.

The festive board afterwards continued in the same friendly and positive manner with all enjoying an excellent meal and jovial, friendly company throughout. A raffle held during the festive board raised the magnificent sum of £80 that was to be used for charitable purposes.

Having demonstrated his mettle, David can look forward to more ceremonies as four further members of the lodge are currently in the process of progressing to the rank of master Mason. However, to slightly lift the load, Lodge of Concord No 343 has agreed to carry out one of the ceremonies at their next meeting when Anthony Sterling will be raised to the rank of a Master Mason.

Keeping the ceremonies flowing, a new member is scheduled for initiation into the Masonic community in the current season with a further two potential members waiting to be welcomed later in the year.

Pictured from left to right congratulating David, are: Carl Walkden, Ron Docherty, Peter Abbott, David Grime, Andy Rowe and Daniel Howe

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