David Grime is the new master of Endeavour

At the installation meeting of Lodge of Endeavour No 7036, Phil Daniels completed his year as WM. The event was witnessed by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master Phillip Gunning, who was the principal guest. He was accompanied by Assistant Provincial Grand Master David Winder and the group chairman Steve Bolton. Phillip was assisted by the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies Malcolm Bell and other acting Provincial grand officers for the year.

Phillip (left) congratulates David on attaining the master’s chair.

Phillip (left) congratulates David on attaining the master’s chair.

On completion of the administrative business, the lodge was opened in the third degree to receive the principal guest and Provincial grand officers. Following their entry, Phil had the pleasure of welcoming Phillip and thanking him for his attendance. Phillip, in return, thanked Phil for his welcome, wishing him well for what he was sure would be an excellent ceremony.

Salutations were duly given and acknowledged before the next item of business was declared. Phil announced the item was to install master Mason David Grime as his successor into the chair of King Solomon. David was duly presented for installation by Alan Howarth, with Michael Walkden informing him of his duties as master. The ceremony continued, and David was installed into the chair of the lodge in a full ceremony, performed by Phil Daniels and assisted by Michael Walkden, in his role as the lodge director of ceremonies. It was a ceremony that was greatly appreciated by all the visitors.

The working tools of the third, second and first degrees were presented in an equally commendable manner by Ron Docherty, Andy Rowe and Daniel Howe respectively. The address to the master was given by John Gavaghan. Ron Docherty was appointed senior warden and informed of his duties by Jim Bennett. Andy Rowe was appointed junior warden and informed of his duties by John Gavaghan. The address to both wardens was given by David Clouston. Carl Walkden was appointed senior deacon and Daniel Howe as junior deacon. They were both addressed by John Whittaker. Sam McKeowen was appointed inner guard and was addressed by Daniel Howe. The ceremony concluded with the address to the brethren of the lodge given by the principal guest, Phillip Gunning.

Phillip then had the pleasure of bringing the congratulations and good wishes of the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison, commenting on the excellent manner in which David had been installed into the master’s chair by his predecessor, ably assisted by other members of the lodge. He congratulated David on attaining the chair, wishing him well for his term of office and commended the work of all the brethren who had a part to play in what had been a first-class ceremony.

David thanked Phillip for his kind and generous words and had the pleasure of presenting him with three charity cheques, the first for £150 in support of the West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity, the second for £150 in support of Masonic Charitable Foundation 2021 Festival and a third cheque for £150 for the PMH Foundation.

Ray (left) performs the master’s song, congratulating David.

Ray (left) performs the master’s song, congratulating David.

Later in the evening, in response to the toast to the grand officers, Phillip said he had earlier brought the greetings and best wishes of the Provincial Grand Master; he now wished to bring his own. He congratulated the lodge members on what had been a first class and enjoyable ceremony. In particular, he mentioned the work of Michael Walkden, who was simply outstanding and who gave so much confidence to all within the lodge with his knowledge, but also his calm style. A safe hand on the tiller and one always willing to help others.

He mentioned the commendable work of Ron Docherty, Andy Rowe and Daniel Howe in their presentation of the working tools and further commented on the excellent addresses given by John Gavaghan and David Clouston that were word perfect. Phillip continued by informing the brethren that the Provincial Grand Master wanted everyone to know that his wishes are, as always, for everyone to enjoy their Masonry by gaining satisfaction from what they do.

Turning to the evening, he commented that he sensed a feeling of wellbeing in the lodge. On behalf of the ultimate recipients, he thanked the lodge for the generous charitable donations made earlier. He went on to mention the importance of the MCF 2021 Festival, The Masonic Charitable Foundation. He commended David Winder for his hard work as Vice President of the Festival, urging all to become stewards and support the charity.

Other topics covered in his address were the importance of the Royal Arch, the tercentenary event at the Albert Hall and the well supported Provincial Ball at Blackpool with the principal guest being Sir David Wootton, Assistant Grand Master. He concluded by thanking the members of the lodge for their support, assistance and hospitality, saying what a thoroughly enjoyable occasion it had been.

In responding to the toast to his health, David Grime thanked the members for the opportunity to serve the lodge as master. It was a great honour and he would try his best to uphold the traditions of the lodge. He thanked David Clouston, who was master the year he was initiated, for taking the time to travel from Salisbury for the meeting. He commented that there were many things that were important about being a Freemason, in particular mentioning the many friendships it brought and the sense of belonging to a great charitable organisation. He also stressed the importance of the Masonic hall and urged members to give it their fullest support He reminded brethren that the hall is the one common thing that binds the Preston lodges together and gives them a ‘home’ and a base from which to carry out their charitable fund raising.

The proceedings were further enhanced by a delightful rendition of the master’s song given by Ray Beech accompanied on the piano by John Whittall. During the excellent meal after the meeting, members of the lodge held a raffle to raise further funds for charity and other causes. In total the raffle raised £150 which was then shared equally between the Masonic Charitable Foundation and the Preston Masonic Hall Foundation.

Pictured from left to right, are: Malcolm Bell, David Winder, Phillip Gunning, David Grime, Phil Daniels, Steve Bolton, John Rimmer and acting Provincial Grand Stewards, Simon Worswick and David Marlow.

Pictured from left to right, are: Malcolm Bell, David Winder, Phillip Gunning, David Grime, Phil Daniels, Steve Bolton, John Rimmer and acting Provincial Grand Stewards, Simon Worswick and David Marlow.

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