A triple second starts the new season

At the first meeting, following the summer break, members of Lodge of Endeavour No 7036 began the new season by carrying out a triple second degree ceremony.  As this was a ceremony to pass three candidates on a single occasion, it was held under a dispensation granted by the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison. The event was honoured by the presence of the Assistant Provincial Grand Master David Winder and the Preston Group Vice Chairman Geoff Saul.

David Winder (second right) congratulates Anthony with Sam and Peter.

David Winder (second right) congratulates Anthony with Sam and Peter.

The evening took the form of a past masters meeting with a number of past masters occupying the principal offices for the night. Calling the brethren to order, the designated master for the evening, John Gavaghan, opened the proceedings.

The administrative business of the meeting was quickly completed prior to John announcing the first item of new business was to welcome Brian Phillips into the lodge as a joining member. Brian has recently moved to the area and had been looking to join a local lodge to continue his enjoyment of Freemasonry. As a past member of a Royal Marines Lodge and a Provincial officer, Brian brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that is a welcome addition to the lodge portfolio in its continued growth.

John then moved on to the main business of the evening; that to pass three candidates to the second degree. The three candidates, Peter Abbott, Sam McKeowen and Anthony Stirling were duly escorted onto the floor of the lodge where, prior to the commencement of the ceremony proper, Brian Phillips asked the necessary questions of the candidates. The questions were dutifully answered in a commendable manner by all three before they left the room for it to be prepared for the ceremony.

Recognising their further progress in Freemasonry, Peter, Sam and Anthony were re-admitted to the lodge and passed to the degree of a fellow craft Freemason in what was a first-rate and well organised ceremony, a ceremony that was enjoyed and appreciated by all present.

The ritual was performed by John Gavaghan, assisted by acting senior warden Michael Walkden, acting junior warden Alan Howarth and the chaplain, Stuart Simpson. The candidates were conducted round the lodge by lodge deacons, Andy Rowe and Carl Walkden with the assistance of a past master, John Whittaker. The various explanations introduced as part of the ceremony were given by Michael Walkden and Andy Rowe.

Peter, Sam and Anthony were invited to listen to a presentation of the second degree tracing board, given in full, and in a faultless manner, by Andy Rowe. To aid understanding of the work within the lodge, they were each presented with a copy of the lodge ritual and a fellow craft’s development pack that had been prepared by Michael Walkden. The ritual book and development pack contained extracts from the ceremony and an additional explanation of lodge procedures, with particular reference to the second degree.

Geoff Saul (left) and David Winder (second left) with the three candidates and lodge members prior to the ceremony.

Geoff Saul (left) and David Winder (second left) with the three candidates and lodge members prior to the ceremony.

At the conclusion of the meeting David Winder took the opportunity to congratulate the three candidates on their progress in Freemasonry and also congratulated the lodge members on the high standard of ritual delivered during the ceremony.

Following the meeting, everyone enjoyed an excellent meal in jovial and relaxing company in the dining room. All those present took the opportunity to congratulate Peter, Sam and Anthony on being passed to the second degree to mark their further progress in Freemasonry. The members completed the evening by holding a raffle that raised £80 to swell the charity steward’s account, and all parted company in good spirits.

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