Anthony takes his first steps in Freemasonry

The Lodge of Endeavour No 7036, initiated its fifth candidate of the year at a ceremony held under a dispensation granted by the Provincial Grand Master Anthony Harrison.

Lodge members look on as Phil welcomes Anthony (centre) as a member of the lodge.

Lodge members look on as Phil welcomes Anthony (centre) as a member of the lodge.

Calling the brethren to order, the meeting was duly opened by the master of the lodge Phil Daniels. The candidate, Anthony Sterling, was admitted into the lodge and initiated into Freemasonry in a ceremony that was appreciated by all the visitors present.

The ceremony was performed by Phil Daniels, senior warden David Grime and past master Stuart Simpson, with Anthony, on this occasion, being guided through the ceremony by senior deacon Andy Rowe. The various explanations introduced as part of the ceremony were given by John Bristow, Alan Howarth and Daniel Howe.

Following his initiation into Freemasonry, Anthony listened to a presentation of the first degree charge, given in full by Michael Walkden. To aid his understanding of the work within the lodge, Anthony was presented with a copy of the lodge development pack prepared by Michael Walkden. The pack contains extracts from the ceremony and an explanation of lodge procedures.

The ceremony concluded with a presentation by Michael Walkden made on behalf of the Preston Group Chairman Steve Bolton. In his role as a group officer, Michael welcomed Anthony as the newest member of the lodge and more particularly, as the newest member of the Preston Group. He presented him with a welcome pack from the group and wished him well in his new Masonic journey. Michael also passed on the group chairman’s congratulations and thanks to all the lodge members for their excellent work during the evening’s ceremony and for all the work during the recent past initiation ceremonies.

As usual, after the meeting, everyone enjoyed an excellent meal and jovial company in the dining room. All those present took the opportunity to wish Anthony well, as this year’s fifth new member, just starting his Masonic career within the lodge.

Having left the army, following over 20 years’ service, Anthony currently works as a goods vehicle driver. He is however, hoping to set up his own family business as a locksmith. Settling in Preston with his family, he is looking forward to engendering his interests in Freemasonry and hoping to make his own contribution by assisting in the charitable work of the lodge and Craft Freemasonry in general.


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