The New Care Structure  

At Provincial Grand Lodge in October 2013 the Provincial Grand Master launched the new care team structure headed by the Provincial Grand Almoner, Ernie Greenhalgh, and his Deputy, Paul Webster. The Provincial website provides information on the structure and members of the new team.  

As part of the ongoing work undertaken by the team during this Masonic year, almoners are receiving a new booklet at their respective Installations from the Group Local Care Officer. 

The booklet outlines their duties and is a guide to assist them in the event of any matters arising from their day to day role, including the completion of application forms for Masonic assistance.  

A new presentation and DVD is being given by the local care officer at lodges and chapter meetings and we would encourage both to get in touch with Peter Fish in the event of the lodge or chapter having no initiation or exaltation on a particular evening to invite Peter along to give the presentation.  

Freemasonry Cares – provides a free contact number in the event of a Freemason or his dependents requiring some form of assistance and where the applicant may be too embarrassed  to contact the lodge/chapter almoner or the local care officer. 

Contact details tel 0800 035 60 90 or email  

Care System:

While our care system in West Lancashire is second to none, if any brother knows of anyone in need you can contact either the local care officer or the regional care officer in complete confidence, after which the enquiry would be passed to the almoner concerned.  

 For assistance contact:

   Peter Fish            Care Administration and PR Officer          Tel: 01772 617229            e-mail:

   Bob Stafford        Regional Care Officer                                 Tel: 01253 702534           e-mail:


Our system now covers just about every eventuality in Financial, Health, and Family Care. If you think you may have a potential applicant, the first thing to do is talk with the Care Administration and PR Officer (Peter Fish 01772 617229). 

Working on the assumption that the main criteria’s are met, Peter will be able to issue you with the correct forms to make the appropriate application.

Almoner 2


W.Bro. Bob Stafford, PPrGStwd

Regional Care Officer