Chapter installation principal guests

2017/2018 Season
The following is a PROVISIONAL indication of Installation Attendees for the 2017/18 season. Scribes are reminded not to make contact with the indicated person until receipt of confirmation from the Provincial Office.

 25 September 2017Preston GuildE Comp I. Cuerden, PAGSoj, Asst to Pr G Principals GWS
 28 September 2017PortcullisE Comp J. Anthony Harrison, G. Supt + ICSWB
16 November 2017RibbleE Comp C. J. Rowling, PGStdB, Asst to Pr G Principals GWS
20 February 2018H.R.A.E Comp D. Randerson, PGStdB, Asst to Pr G Principals GWS
04 April 2018JubileeE Comp A. F. Hall, PGStdB, Asst to Pr G Principals SWB
05 April 2018Royal PrestonE Comp I. Higham PGStdB, 3rd Pr G Principal + ICSWB
24 April 2018SalwickE Comp Dr. P. A. Renton, PGStdB, Dep G Suptd+ ICSWB
26 April 2018UnanimityE Comp D. F. Barr, PrGScNGWS
03 May 2018SetantiaE Comp C. C. Butterfield, PGStdB, Asst to Pr G PrincipalsSWB
14 May 2018FraternityE Comp I. W. Greenwood PAGSoj.GWS
25 May 2018Concord E Comp C. C. G. Blackwell, PGStdBSWB