Local News

  • Preston Group 2021 Festival Presentation

    David Winder accompanied by the Preston Group chairman Steve Bolton and supported by the Provincial charity steward, Phil Preston and Preston group charity steward Vic Parker made a presentation regarding the forthcoming West Lancashire 2021 Festival.

  • Delightful donation to the West Lancashire 2021 Festival

    The Masonic Order of Athelstan, Northumbria Province, which now covers the United Grand Lodge of England Provinces of Northumberland, Cumberland and Westmorland and the Province of West Lancashire made a delightful donation to the West Lancashire 2021 Festival in aid of the Masonic Charitable Foundation. They were very keen to give their help and support […]

  • The 2018 Preston group bike ride and walk

        In the midst of very unseasonable weather, hardy fellows Malcolm Berry, John Baron, Richard James, Howard Linaker and walker, Geoff Saul, assembled on the Lockside car park to take part in the 2018 Preston Group bike ride.